ARFNET Bulletin


Thing Status


Access to series and books has been restricted as well due to DMCAs, I'm sorry. Contact me if you have any further questions.


New services implemented! Secure and private mail (unless the FBI breaks in, hence PGP is encouraged). And IRC for fun.


I got some yummy 64GB of 2Rx4 RAM for the server, more VMs to come :) Also thanks to Yero, donated me two custom fibers of the apropiate length.


I had to restrict /FTPServer/films due to a worrying rate of DMCA requests. Sorry for the inconvenience. Email me or go to discord if you have any questions.


Installed proxmox in the server, migration to several debian VMs will follow shortly


Migrated MySQL to MariaDB


After much deliberation, the ARFNET administration board has decided to hire the local ISP avanzafibra effective immediate. On Friday 2 5:30pm, the installation will begin, and shortly after ARFNET will be migrated to a new static IP address, with the new Mikrotik router and a symmetric 1gbps fiber (GPON) backbone, hopefully with better peering.

31-07-2022 was transferred to cloudflare for better management


I won an auction, 10x 3TB HGST drives. This will allow ARFNET media to slowly grow in size.


Forgot to mention, server is racked up, with PDU and patch panel, and a small switch. I will be adding a 24p DELL switch and Mikrotik router soon.


Has been a long time. Due to vodafone being a dipshit, ARFNET is half throttle. Thereforth, I will be switching to Digimobil ISP soon. In the other hand, a 12U rack is hopefully arriving next week.


The software repository has been greatly expanded, 169GB of excellent latest cracked windows software. Go take a look!


My biography ( and about ARFNET ( has been updated, and improved.

08-09-2021 has been officially and permanently deleted for ever and ever.


Added a ARFNET gallery


Finally the explosions&fire compilation page within the meme page is fixed, finally i fixed the explosions&fire compilation mage within the meme page,


I made a little Operating System collection, Ill be adding more OSs and versions with time Now I have all major releases of MS-DOS and Windows.


Added explosions&fire clip compilation to the meme page, created a dedicated page for STAR WARS, and tomorrow the server will be down for some minutes while I do internal cable management for thermal improvements and ubuntu updates.


I'm finally back home, the server haven't catched in flames in my absence, ARFNET goes back to full working condition


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT I'll be off in the Andorran Pyrenees in a trip, for a week, so i won't be able to properly administrate ARFNET nor physically nor by SSH, because i will have no mobile data because Andorra is not a EU member and portability is 15€/day. I will only be able to be present on this discord server, and to monitor ARFNET by SSH when I'm at the hotel with its WiFi, which won't be very frequent. My departure will be tomorrow early in morning. See you.


Implemented paging in the meme page so your browser doesn't have to load 70 videos at the same time (and die in the attempt)


Improvements in streaming, now ANYONE can use ARFNET to stream, and his stream is web watchable at


I have became the owner of, and its A record is now pointing to ARFNET, feel free to use rather than the longer old name from FreeDNS ( ending in


I added ARFNET stream and search, the second needs to be improved, and looking in to adding a MKV web player too


Long story short: I bricked the iDRAC of the server, tried everything, shipped it back to the seller, got my money back, now I have a new server, everything runs fine, lets forget this ever happend. ARFNET running off the server now, PC is now backup again.


IP Ranges reblocked in the server, I forgot about that and now i have to deal with 6GB of nginx spam log. These shameful IPs has been published for shame under /shameful-ips.txt.


ARFNET Website officially migrated


Ubuntu is installed and running 24/7, expect service migration soon!


OS install is being delayed because it turns out the R720 cannot be booted from a PCIe drive lol, so I ordered a SATA SSD for boot. Now I'm waiting for a proprietary DELL power cable to power it, arrives this saturday.


Hardware arrived! M.2 SSD is installed in the card, in the server. Ubuntu server install will begin tomorrow.

28-06-2021 b

Well I was wrong, it just arrived! It POST fine. But no bootdrive yet.


The server is in Valencia, the day is getting nearer, arrival tomorrow with the rest.


SSD and M.2 PCIe card ordered, arrives this tuesday. Also the HDD, which arrives the 20th

25-06-2021 b

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies will be added to the Media Library, once I can fit them in the same partition with Star Wars


The server is in Spain, yes!


The server is in France, arrives this 29th


The server has been ordered! From Deutscheland vendor piospartslap. Is a DELL R720, the 3.5" version

Total spent so far

1311.18 €

ARFNET Accounting Log

Item Supplier Date Price Shipment Total
Dell PowerEdge R720 Server 2U H710p mini 2x E5-2620 CPU 16GB RAM 8x3.5 Bay eBay: piospartslap DE 23-07-21 252.86 40.00 292.86
EZDIY-FAB PCI Express M.2 SSD NGFF Tarjeta PCIe a PCIe 3.0 x4 Amazon: EZDIY-FAB EU 27-07-21 14.99 14.99
Kingston A2000 SSD NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 250 GB Amazon: MemoCow 27-07-21 45.00 45.00
Seagate IronWolf 4 TB, NAS HDD, 3.5" SATA, 5900rpm, 64 MB Amazon: Amazon EU S.a.r.L. 27-07-21 117.99 117.99
Heretom F238F 3.5" Caddy Amazon: uk-sales2017 29-07-21 13.90 13.90
Ethernet cable UTP Cat.6 CCA 3.50 3.50
UPS 850VA CCA 65.00 65.00
Kingston A400 SATA 2.5" CCA 27.00 27.00
DELL G8TXP Power Cable Amazon: GinTaiCompany 27-07-21 25.99 25.99
D-Link Switch GO-SW-8G Gigabit 8x RJ45 CCA 25.90 25.90
D-Link 5 port GbE switch I randomly found A cabinet in my house Free
Dell PowerEdge R720 Server [...] return eBay: piospartslap DE 03-08-21 -252.86 -40.00 -292.86
Dell PowerEdge R720 Server 2U H710p mini 2x E5-2670 CPU 16GB RAM 8x3.5 Bay eBay: enterleszno PO/DE 06-08-21 260.00 40.00 300.00
Dell 2U ReadyRails II B6 H4X6X eBay: colindalerabbit UK 02-10-21 68.09 35.01 103.10
12U flightcase rack [Donated] Telemag 12-11-21 Free
Keystone Patch Panel, Cat.6a, shielded, black Amazon: Equip 27-12-21 20.51 20.51
Perel EBP08PDU-G, 8x PDU Amazon: Perel 27-12-21 24.18 24.18
RJ45 Cat.6 Keystone Jack Amazon: VCE 27-12-21 9.59 x3 28.77
Diyeeni Impact Punch Down Tool, 110/88 Amazon: Diyeeni 27-12-21 16.09 16.09
U/UTP Cat.6 twisted pair cable, 100m [Donated] Telemag 01-01-22 Free
U/UTP Cat.6 RJ45 male twisted pair patch cable, 15cm Diotronic 04-01-22 1.13 x10 11.25
U/UTP Cat.6 RJ45 male twisted pair patch cable, 25cm Diotronic 04-01-22 1.66 x5 6.65 8.29 (14.94)
10 x HITACHI/HGST 3TB 7.2K 6Gbps 64MB 3.5" SASHDD HUS723030ALS640 A10 eBay: systemsupplyindustries 10-06-22 77.45 42.87 120.21
Hard drive caddy F238F 0X968D 3.5 inch, for Dell 13th aliexpress: Zenwin 16-06-22 25.00 31.40 56.39
2x DELL PowerConnect 5424 + 1x 2848 [Donated] A valencian friend 30-06-22 Free 10.00 10.00
Mikrotik RB2011UiAS-RM CCA 20-08-22 118.00 118.00
TP-Link Omada AC1350 EAP225 CCA 20-08-22 83.00 83.00
Keystone fiber passthrough jack SC-SC Amazon 09-09-22 4.02 4.02
Cisco 2951 ISR Router [Donation] Paco 01-07-22 Free
Kingston A400 SATA SSD CCA 04-01-23 20€ 20€
SATA Power cable splitter CCA 04-01-23 4€ 4€
SATA Data cable CCA 04-01-23 Free
nVIDIA GPU GT 710 My old PC 15-01-23 Free
RAM sticks HP (672612-081) 16GB PC3-12800R 18-01-23 10.44€ x4 5.79€ 47.55€
Fibers OS2 SC-APC 9/125 simplex 60cm + 4m [Donation] Yero 03-03-23 Free
2x Cisco SIP Phone 3911 [Donation] IES Ramon Arcas 14-03-23 Free

ARFNET Suppliers


Special thanks to

Telemag de Lorca, SL.They don't know it, but they help me very much
ValencianoDios te lo pague xd
PacoPaco. ca Cehegín
YeroMe metió toda la fibra
IES Ramon ArcasSimilar case to Telemag