Hello there, I'm arf20, a 18 y/o bi femboy student from Spain obsessed with technology, hardware and software.

My passions and hobbies are: Linux, systems programming, servers (hardware and administration), networking, electronics (analog, digital and radiofrequency), and retrocomputing. I mostly find expensive professional technology super fascinating.

I really align myself with Free (as in Freedom!) and Open Source and Right to Repair movements, trying to use free software wherever I can. My favorite distro is Debian and I run it everywhere but my phone.

I'm currently studying Computer Science at Universidad de Murcia since 2023, first year. I think this is my place tbh, nice people, great projects.


My CV.

Pretty fluent in C/C++, MIPS, Z80 and x86 assembly, some Java too. I usually use CMake or Make as build systems. In terms of web, I know PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS and a bit of JS. Good use of Git version control.

I'm knoledgeable in system administration of Web hosts using the linux/nginx/mariadb stack, email with postfix/dovecot and a number of others. I build grafana dashboards for them. I am familiar with Proxmox virtualization as well as linux containers, systemd and general linux administration but also *BSD and Solaris.

About network administration, I'm ok at OPNSense/pfSense firewalling, segregation, VLANs, tunnels, VPNs, etc.

Hardware-wise, I've come knees deep with DELL R-series server hardware and its management, and of course a fair bit of PC building. In terms of networking, Mikrotik, Cisco and DELL PowerConnect I experienced.


I am a native Spanish speaker, and I've been told I'm pretty good at English too, although oficially I currently only hold a B2 by EOI.

Random things I have are, HE IPv6 Certification, CEPT Radioamateur License (EA5JGX), ARPA membership on SDF, and interestingly Galileo Mastermind prize at HackUPC 2024.

As an annex, I know some digital and analog electronics, MCUs, high voltage electric handling, PCB design, radioelectronics, antenna building and SDRs.
But also, retrocomputing, from 1980s PC to 1990s UNIX workstations, and their old OSs (DOS, Solaris, IRIX...) and software.
And lastly, multimedia production, recording, editing, streaming, and music theory and playing.

Last updated 12-05-2024