Old C/C++/C# Windows VS repository archive

Featured projects

audiofft: Simple downrate GUI for ffmpegdetails
arftracksat: A multiplataform 3D satellite trackerdetailsgithub
arfTCP: A simple and elegant TCP librarydocumentation & refernce
Z80asm: Basic Z80 assembler and linkerdetails
Z80sim: Basic Z80 simulator and disassembler (in development)details
arfOS kernel (do not try this, very early dev stage)
mppianomidi: A multiplayer piano suitedetails
uvs: Uncompressed Video Stream Suite (network flooding guaranteed)details
WinAPIUI: A TLS 1.3 encrypted chat applicationdetails
whoisUI: A powerful GUI whois applicationdetails
arfNETTALK3: Modernized NETTALK (in development)details